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Please note: This site is still majorly under construction, and only when I have time. So don't expect much of anything for a long while.

Welcome to my Digital Asylum

Before we begin, let us be clear about one thing. I do not know you. I did not invite you here. You, for whatever reason, came here of your own free will. You can leave just as easily as you arrived, and truly, you will not be missed if you go. I highly doubt that anything you find here will be of interest to you. Just think of the time you've wasted reading this intro. That time can never be regained, lost in the abyss of time. Leave now, before more precious moments of your life are sucked away in idleness.

Still reading are you? Do you not listen to reason? The contents of these pages consist of nothing more than the irrelevant thoughts and imaginings that have leaked forth from my consciousness. Why that should interest you at all I have no idea. But you have been warned. This is my world. Here, I am the divine, the ultimate truth, the power behind the curtain. You may disagree with what I have to say, you may even be offended or disgusted. Never for a moment should you let yourself believe that I care. Nothing on this site is directed at you. After all, as I mentioned earlier, I don't even know you. And remember, before you take offense at anything contained within, you could have simply left. In fact, I myself suggested it.

Who am I? Does it matter? If you do wish to know more about me, you can read this page. But that would just be more minutes of your life lost; gone, never to be regained. The door to my asylum is open, venture inside my insanity, victims are always welcome.

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